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NSW Landcare & LLS Conference 25-27 Oct. 2017 in Albury

It’s time to make a diary entry, call your friends and organise an adventure down to Albury! Come and enjoy our hospitality. Gather with our Landcare and LLS friends and colleagues for a fun filled, sensational Conference full of reward and inspiration for every land management lover!

Slide 1 - Murray Landcare

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The NSW Landcare and Local land Services Conference 2017 Organising Committee are delighted to invite your organisation to participate as a sponsor or exhibitor at the 2017 NSW Landcare and Local Land Services Conference.

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This conversation happened in our office last week

"How come we didnt see the return of saline water tables in the last wet period post 2010 around Holbrook?." The answer was "oh well, we did a heap of earthworks and interventions, we planted trees and pasture practices have changed so much - theres so more perennial pasture, improvements in grazing management so theres more groundcover.. i guess we addressed the issues so the problem didnt reoccur"

"So we fixed it?"

"Well yer, i suppose."

The "knowledge problem" is telling that story well. 25 years of #landcare investment where the monitoring component of any project was capped in budgets at 5-10% - you get what you pay for unfortunately.

Be great to get some eastern representation....

Tactical application of nitrogen fertiliser can boost production, but so can managing pasture content of pastures. Stay tuned for the results of the sub-clover nodulation surveys conducted earlier this year with Murray LLS for a picture of how our pasture legumes are actually performing and what we can do to improve it. Workshops set to kick off mid Feb.

Could be worth a trip to Adelong...

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Funding for on-farm demo sites to increase adoption of practices that increase enterprise productivity and profitability - any good ideas out there we dont know about?

Be great to see younger farmers participate in #Landcare everywhere - it can be one of those ready-made farmer networks. "We dont just plant trees you know!"